"The Thursday Fire Alarm"

as told to ToddCheese by Amy

This is a story one of my friends (Amy) told me. When she was in college her dorm room was in the tallest residence hall in the country. At least it was at the time, I'm not sure if it still is today. Anyway this building consisted of two interconnected towers, 25 floors each, with hallways running in-between them about every five floors. A set of elevators in the center carried people up and down, and there were stairwells in either tower for people who really liked to climb steps.

Now, one of the more annoying things about this dorm was the fact that, every Thursday night for awhile, some ass-clown would pull the fire alarm at about 2 or 3 in the morning. Amy figured the idiot that did this chose Thursday night because on Friday a lot of students went home for the weekend and would miss out on his "joke". Anyway, this would wake everybody up and force them down all those stairs and out of the building until the fire department did their inspection and determined it was yet another prank.

So after about the fifth time this happened, some people just stayed in their beds and waited it out. You were supposed to evacuate but they didn't check the whole dorm because there were just too many rooms. Since the alarm woke them up anyway, Amy and her roommate Julie decided to have a little fun whenever this happened. Both of them had a streak (pun intended) of exhibitionist in them, so they'd plan it so they were taking a shower when the alarm went off, and would go outside wet and wrapped in towels. Or they wouldn't bother to get completely dressed, and would walk down with their fellow students wearing just panties and a T-shirt that wasn't quite long enough to cover them completely. The dorms were co-ed, with separate male and female areas on each floor, but they were connected by an open common area so the two girls definitely got noticed by a lot of guys.

Amy is about average height, with flowing brown hair that goes a little below her shoulders, though I have no idea if it looked that way when she was in college. She's a bit busty with a nicely rounded ass and shapely legs. Amy tells me that Julie was strawberry-blonde, shorter than her, thinner and with smaller breasts.

Eventually they hit upon their wildest idea: To run around the building completely naked! Amy figured, once everybody else was outside, they had a good half-hour before the fire department arrived and checked everything out before anyone would start coming back up. Anyone who didn't go down would most likely stay in bed trying to get some sleep, so there was little chance of being seen.

There were laundry rooms on the top floor of each tower, so the girls chose them as their place to frolic around without any clothes on. Most daring of all, they decided they'd strip in their room and leave all their clothing behind! They discussed this at length and decided that would be much more fun than simply going up fully clothed and undressing there. Being separated from their clothes would eliminate the safety net of their being able to quickly get dressed again, providing a much greater thrill.

The only remaining obstacle was the noise. Those fire alarms, Amy tells me, were ear-splittingly LOUD. So the girls decided they'd put in earplugs to muffle the noise, then they'd each have one of those portable radio headsets, with the big headphones, to block out the rest.

Amy says she was so excited she could hardly concentrate in her classes all week. Thursday night finally came, and the girls took an evening nap followed by some caffeine to make sure they'd be wide awake when the alarm went off.

The moron prankster didn't disappoint. A little after 2 AM the deafening wail jolted the rest of the building awake. Amy and Julie went for their earplugs and headphones. Their floor was about 2/3 of the way up the building, so after about 10 minutes Amy (still fully dressed) popped out and opened the door to the stairwell to check for activity.

Seeing that all the students who were planning to leave the building had already gone down, she hurried back to the room where Julie had already discarded her clothes. Amy threw off hers, and then, taking a deep breath, and looking nervously at each other, the two girls stepped out into the common room completely nude. They'd heard rumors of people going into dorms and stealing stuff while the owners were out, and the fire alarms were a prime opportunity, so Julie took her key along and locked the door behind them.

My friend says they snuck around quietly at first, out of instinct, until they realized that the alarm would easily drown out any sound of their movement. Anyone else still in the building would see them well before hearing them. With the noise as their cover they grew a little braver, and pushed open the stairwell door, their bare feet slapping on the stairs as they made their way to the top floor.

Once they made it up there unseen, Amy says all their held-back energy just burst out! They were screaming and laughing, jumping and running around the rows of washing machines, dancing to whatever music was playing on their radio headsets, peering out the large windows at the crowd 25 floors below, pressing their tits and asses up against the glass. Of course nobody on the ground could see them that far up, and most were probably talking with friends or too tired to notice. Amy says the thought that she was in a place where dozens of students came every day, but now completely naked, left her stomach jumping and her hands shaking from the excitement, and she felt unbelievably turned on! Looking at Julie, she figured her roomie felt the same way.

The girls were having so much fun that they were caught by surprise when the alarm was suddenly cut off. Even with their earplugs and headphones, they noticed the dramatic change from being surrounded by noise to complete and utter silence. They knew they'd better get back to their room before the other students made their way back upstairs.

Fortunately they figured they had plenty of time. Going downstairs was faster than other people coming up, and the elevators would be jammed with students, all trying to get to their own floor. They padded their way barefoot back to their room... and discovered their door locked!

Remember, Julie had locked it and taken her key with them? Well at some point during their nude playtime she'd set it down, and now they couldn't get back into their room! Amy remembers both girls exchanged a look of, "Oh SHIT!"

Of course there was nothing else to do but go back up to the top floor and try to find it again. And the longer they waited, the more dorm residents they'd have to slip by to do it.

So the girls pulled off their headsets and took out their earplugs so they could whisper to each other and still be heard. Then they hastily made their way back into the stairwell toward the laundry room. Amy was positive she heard voices coming up below them, the first batch of students arriving back. Her throat was dry and she was gasping for air by the time they made it to the top.

It only took Julie a couple of panicked minutes to find her key (it was on one of the washing machines), but they knew there were other people awake in their dorm area now, leaving them with the question of how to get back down without being seen. Still, they figured they were safe in the laundry room. There was no evidence the alarm interrupted anyone in the middle of doing laundry, and no one else would come up there at this time of night. So they stayed hidden, crouched down between rows of washers and dryers for about twenty minutes, catching their breath and trying to work up the courage to go back out again. Amy says it felt like an eternity, and was constantly terrified that someone was going to walk in and see them naked.

It was almost 3 AM now, and of course they couldn't stay there forever. But hopefully everyone should have gone back to bed by now. Before leaving the sanctuary of the laundry room, both girls checked the wastebaskets, praying to find some discarded item of clothing, anything they could use for cover just in case anyone else was still up and about, but they found nothing. They resigned themselves to the fact that they'd have to walk back naked and hope for the best.

Amy says this time, they kept their hands over their breasts and pubic areas, almost expecting to get caught. They still had their radio headsets and didn't want to leave them behind, so they put them around their necks. This, Amy tells me, made the rest of their bodies feel even more exposed. They hugged the wall and made their way slowly back toward the stairwell. Neither of them dared try the elevators.

They were about halfway back to their floor when the alarm shattered the silence again! The jackass prankster had pulled it a second time that night!

Both girls absolutely JUMPED, Amy almost lost her balance and tumbled down the stairs. The noise was unbearable so they instinctively pulled the headsets back on. They looked at each other with expressions of absolute horror, like "What the hell do we do NOW??"

By this point they were nearing exhaustion. The caffeine had worn off, along with the thrill of being naked in a public place, which had now given way to complete panic. They'd already climbed about 10 flights of stairs, twice now, and the thought of going back up just seemed like too much. Plus, there were people on the floors above who would be coming down. They were trapped -- naked and trapped!

Their only hope was to make it back to the safety of their own room. And so, the girls looked at each other with silent understanding, threw their hands up over their naked bodies, and flew down the last flights of stairs as fast as they could.

They flung open the door to the common room... to find everybody else on their floor making their way out of their rooms!

Tired and annoyed expressions melted into confusion, then amusement, as Amy and Julie's floormates, both male and female, registered the sight of the two girls standing in front of them wearing nothing but a pair of radio headphones! Amy figures it was about 15 or 20 people her age who saw them naked.

Everybody burst into laughter, including Amy and Julie, who were so red-faced and embarrassed, but also so thoroughly relieved that their ordeal was now over with, even if their greatest fear had come true. The two girls hurried back into their room and stayed there through the second alarm, too embarrassed to go down with the rest of the floor.

The fire alarm continued to go off every Thursday night for awhile, and they never did find out who kept pulling it. But that was the only time Amy and Julie ever did any exhibitionist stunts. Of course they had to deal with teasing from the rest of the floor for the entire semester. Word of their naked escapade spread fast, and soon there were other students (mostly guys) patrolling the halls and stairwells during the Thursday fire alarm, hoping to catch a naked girl streaking the dorm.