"Rollercoaster Jenny"

by ToddCheese

Jenny felt a quiver of anticipation in her stomach as she stood in line at the amusement park's biggest rollercoaster, the Massive Thruster. The wait had been nearly an hour for the two-minute thrill, but it would be worth it. The rush this ride gave was unbelievable. It started with an agonizingly suspenseful climb to the big drop, where the cars plummetted down at an 80-degree angle to a hyperbolic curve scientifically engineered for maximum acceleration. Then the track twisted and turned, pulling you sideways in both directions, then another drop to pick up velocity, and finally the big loop where the riders hung completely upside-down for almost a full second.

The cars pulled up and the last group of returning park patrons disembarked, and now Jenny was in the next batch. She edged her way through the crowd of people clambering for seats, some younger than her, some older, some her own age. The chairs on the string of cars quickly became filled, and for a moment Jenny feared she might not get one. Then she spotted a clown, dressed in a hideously mismatched red wig and blue suit, white face paint framing a bulbous red nose, waving to her and gesturing toward a vacant seat at the very front. Jenny couldn't believe her luck! She hurried over and climbed in, plunking her jean-shorted behind on the molded plastic, thanking him... her? It was always hard to tell with clowns.

"Don't forget to raise your arms on the way down!" he told her. He. It was definitely a male voice.

The metal bar slid down tightly at her waist, restraining her body while still allowing her upper half some movement. The clown, a bouquet of balloons in one hand, waved goodbye to Jenny with the other. A moment later, she was off, the car rattling along the rails as it began the long, anticipatory climb to the initial drop-off.

At the top, the cars clacked to a stop, then the latch on the track was released. Jenny's stomach did a flip as the cars slid forward, slowly at first, then falling at nearly 80 miles per hour! Jenny closed her eyes, raised her arms and screamed, first in answer to the thrilling terror of the drop... then for real as the air rushing up past her body suddenly caught and lifted her billowy shirt right up, over her neck and shoulders and off her arms, sending it drifting away toward the ground. And she hadn't worn a bra underneath! Her large round breasts swayed and jiggled as the car rattled down the track. The cool rush of wind felt horribly unnatural on them.

As the tension from the big drop subsided, she caught unmistakable laughter, directed at her, from the people in the cars behind. Breathing heavily in a panic, her mouth agape in horror at the realization that she was now riding the coaster topless, Jenny crossed her arms over her naked torso. She struggled to fight the overpowering instinct to grab hold of the restraint bar or the side of the car as it careened through the sharp sideways turns. Her natural terror was magnified tenfold by her embarrassment, and she wondered, panicking, how she would get off without being seen once the ride was over. But there was barely time to think about that, as the second drop loomed up before her.

Jenny clutched her exposed breasts in both hands and just SCREAMED as the cars dove down the curve, the ride's tall support beams flying past at blinding speed. Then came the loop, and she felt herself pulled backwards in her seat. Instinctively she reached out with both hands, clinging to the side of the car as it turned upside down, forgetting that she had to keep herself covered. Gravity took over, leaving her bare, supple breasts dangling right in her face! But only for a second, then it was back down the other side of the loop, and the ride was over.

Time seemed to grind to a crawl as Jenny's agitated senses took in every detail of the experience with helpless clarity. She huddled over to hide herself as the cars coasted to a stop in front of the next group of waiting park patrons, all of whom did a double-take at the sight of her bare skin. Poor Jenny was trapped with her nudity, unable to go anywhere until the restraint bar across her waist was lifted. Her face burned a bright hot crimson and she prayed for the humiliating experience to end.

Arms still wrapped protectively around her breasts, Jenny moved to get up as soon as the bar was lifted from her seat... and was surprised to find that her backside wouldn't budge! She tried standing again but didn't go anywhere. She looked around herself, trying to figure out what was holding her down but couldn't. So, keeping one arm in place, she reached down and felt around her cutoff denim shorts, and was shocked to feel an unpleasant and very sticky substance there. Jenny was stuck to the seat!

Unsure what to do, she remained where she was as the other passengers unbuckled themselves and disembarked.

Then she heard a voice a short distance away, one of the ride operators in a park uniform. "The ride's over, ma'am," he said. "Everyone off."

"Um... I can't!" cried Jenny.

Off to her side, people started to talk and snicker. Jenny distinctly heard a little boy of about eight say, "Look, mommy! That lady's boobies are showing!" The blush on her face intensified, spreading down her neck until every pore of her skin glowed a strawberry red.

"Come on, lady, you're holding up the ride!" said the annoyed operator, coming over to see what the problem was. "Let's go!" He looked to be in his 40s.

"Um, I'm sorry," said Jenny, not certain how to explain, "But I... lost my shirt and now I... seem to be... stuck to the seat."

The operator sighed with annoyance, stepped into the car and tried to pull Jenny out, without success. Her arms struggled against his in an effort to keep her bare breasts concealed. By this time everybody nearby was watching the scene with growing amusement.

"Yeah, you're stuck all right," the operator said, his hand probing the sticky material at the seat of Jenny's shorts. He then turned away and spoke into his walkie-talkie, "Hey Rox, can you find a blanket and bring it up to car one?" Pause. "Heh, you'll see." A chuckle.

Jenny cringed. She was looking at her feet, off to the side, anywhere but the operator and the crowd... And then she gasped anew at the rows of monitors near the exit. They were lined with captured shots of people in the various cars, snapped rapid-fire as the coaster swept down the second drop, to be sold as souvenirs. And there was Jenny in the very front, in perfect view, her hands clutched tightly over her chest, her mouth open in a frozen scream. And everyone was buying a copy!

And then she saw HIM: The clown who'd saved her the seat before, with the red wig and blue suit and white face and handful of balloon strings, only now wearing an evil leer as his other hand held up a bucket with a paintbrush for her to see. The word "GLUE" was clearly visible on the side of the can.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Jenny, tugging at the ride operator's sleeve with one arm. "It was him! That clown did it! He glued me to the seat!"

"Huh?" said the park employee, turning away from his walkie. "What clown, where?"

"Over THERE!" Jenny pointed frantically with both hands, sending a wave of cheers and whistles through the crowd as she inadvertently flashed her big breasts at them. Hastily she clapped one hand back over them as best she could.

The operator looked like he was about to go check it out, but at that moment a girl in her late teens, also wearing a park uniform, arrived carrying a white sheet.

"Christ, Rox, about time!" muttered the man. "Damn crowd's about to mob us here!"

But in truth the crowd didn't seem to mind the wait at all. Everyone was watching intently as Jenny's embarrassing little drama unfolded at the front car.

"Rox" had red hair that was obviously dyed, with a blue streak in the front, several piercings in her ears, nose, and eyebrows. Smacking loudly on a piece of chewing gum, she cracked a wide amused smile as she laid eyes on Jenny and her predicament.

"Stuck, huh?" she asked, rhetorically. "Well don't worry, we'll get ya out." She unfolded the sheet, handing one end to her co-worker.

"Hey, what are you doing?" demanded Jenny. "Aren't you going to go after the clown?"

"In a minute, right now we need to get this ride moving again," said the male operator. "And that means we have to get you out of those shorts."

Jenny's eyes widened. "What?? Oh NO, please..."

The two park employees moved to the side of the car facing the waiting line and held the sheet stretched out, hiding Jenny from view so she could unzip and remove her cutoff shorts with a little privacy. It wasn't easy for her, trying to wriggle out with them stuck firmly to the seat. She had to pull one leg out, then the other, with her shoes getting in the way, while trying to keep an arm over her breasts the whole time too... because to make matters worse, Rox kept "accidentally" dropping her end of the sheet, providing the eager crowd with teasing glimpses of Jenny trying to extricate herself. Once she was finally out, Jenny grabbed the sheet away from the two park employees and pulled it around her scantily-clad body before slinking, hunched over, away from the public spectacle she'd unwillingly become the center of.

She was almost past the far edge of the crowd when a big squeaky shoe stamped down on the end of the sheet trailing behind her. As Jenny walked on, her cover was stretched taut and suddenly pulled away from her body, leaving her standing in front of all those laughing park patrons (and the clown) wearing nothing but her shoes, socks, and a pair of powder-blue cotton undies with a cute teddy-bear print on them!

Screaming at her sudden exposure, Jenny covered her breasts with one hand and bent down to try to grab the sheet back with the other, but the clown's oversized floppy shoe held it firmly to the ground. He was leering with mirth at her humiliation, big red lips in a hideous, mocking grin.

Jenny was overcome with panic at the knowledge that every single person here was seeing her topless in just her underwear! Desperately she looked about for something, anything, to hide herself with, but all she could find were the balloons in the clown's hand. So she grabbed those, and held them close as the crowd roared with laughter. Not one person was getting on the ride, no one wanted to miss a second of this.

The clown simply reached into a pocket of his blue jacket with a gloved hand, and extracted a long, sharp metal pin.

Jenny, her eyes wide in horror, silently shook her head, NO.

The clown nodded once, slowly, YES.

And without hesitation, Jenny took off as fast as her bare legs could carry her. The clown pursued her, popping her cover one by one, every now and then poking her in butt, making Jenny yelp and jump! It was hard to keep hold of all the balloons while running with her breasts flopping wildly about, so Jenny finally let the balloons go, keeping just one clutched over her bosom as she bolted for the exit.

Her car was just outside. Maybe the clown wouldn't chase her beyond the gate.

She dashed straight past a bored employee, who simply asked, "Stamp your hand for re-entry?" before realizing her state of undress.

Two steps from the gate, the clown made a final lunge, grabbing the elastic waistband on the back of her panties, pulling them down her legs. Jenny almost fell over, but caught the gate just in time. She shook the panties off her ankles, not caring anymore, just wanting to get away, and fled through the gate, hands over her front, bare butt-cheeks jiggling.

Reaching her car, she looked back to see the clown standing just inside the gate, twirling her panties around with his finger. He honked his nose twice in a farewell to the pretty, exposed, red-faced blonde girl.

Jenny's heart sank with despair.

She had left her keys in the pocket of her shorts.


(This story is Copyright 2004 by ToddCheese.)