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Welcome, readers. ToddCheese here. This site will serve as a repository for my stories, which center around clothing mishaps, forced public exposure, and other forms of humiliation and embarrassment. While there is nothing hardcore or truly explicit in them, most of them contain some profanity and adult subject matter and are intended for adults only.

Last Updated: 3/14/2020
I've posted a summary of what the final chapter of "Keilani's Long Vacation" would have entailed, as I'm ready to admit I'll likely never finish it. Presently I'm very active in my local kink/BDSM community, so feel free to follow me on FetLife.


"Be Careful What You Wish For"
A ruthless divorce attorney gets the ultimate magical mind-fuck from a mischievous Genie. This one has my favorite ending, out of all the stories I've written.

"The Carjacker"
(Some artwork based on "The Carjacker", by ShaverHead2000)
A young would-be car thief gets more than she bargained for when she hotwires a vehicle belonging to a sadistic drifter. This is the first stripping / humiliation story I ever wrote, and it's somewhat more harsh than my recent efforts, including some threats of violence and a forced haircut. (It's still tame compared to a lot of the stuff out there, I just thought I'd warn you as some of its content bothered a couple of people when I first posted it.)

"Change Without Clothes"
A tourist in Washington D.C. gets caught up in something bigger than herself. Sometimes I think I tend to overuse curse words in my writing. This was a deliberate effort to do an entire story without them.

"Cindy on the Mound"
It's Cindy versus Blythe on the final pitch of the big game. My first attempt at a catfight story.

"Invisible Isabel"
Isabel and Margie accidentally create an invisibility cream in science class, then proceed to squander the scientific potential on sophomoric pranks. In the tradition of "Zapped!" and the other crappy 1980's sex comedies I love so much.

"Keilani's Long Vacation" (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8) (But Not Really)
The misadventures of Keilani Akana, a young Hawaiian lady who is mistaken for a child. A multi-part "age regression" epic in progress. (Also check out Mark Whitten's Five Stages of Keilani withdrawal. It's funny cuz it's true.)
(Artwork based on "Keilani's Long Vacation", by GavinMichelli)

"Mailing Mei-Ling"
Mei-Ling's surprise Christmas gift to her fiancè doesn't go quite the way she'd planned. This is a fun one, if a little bizarre.

"Mindy's Mall Misadventure"
Mindy the Exhibitionist is the creation of author McSkyy. She loves the thrill of exposing herself in public, but always ends up getting more than she bargained for. (See my links below to find more Mindy stories.)

"Panties on Parade"
Harriet rips her pants and more while marching in the big parade! Short but fun, written for the "RipEek" Yahoo group.

"Two to Tanga"
You won't believe what Elizabeth tricks Kirsten into wearing at the water park! A fan favorite.

"Undressed for Success"
An anonymous caller blackmails Stephanie, an unscrupulous businesswoman, into publicly humiliating herself. I like to experiment with a variety of writing styles and techniques. Here I wanted to see if I could write a convincing embarrassment story consisting entirely of dialogue and a few sound effects, no descriptive prose. Let me know how you think it turned out.

Whatever happened to "Whatever Happened to Lynda Weismeier?"?
Ah, the infamous Lynda Weismeier story. Done on a personal request, and probably the worst thing I ever wrote, but some people liked it and that's fine. Well, apparently she died, and that suddenly made it not fine. I don't know, I don't make the rules. Lynda herself found it years ago, and wrote me about it. I offered to take it down if she wanted, but she never asked me to. She was nice, her fans aren't always, I grew weary of the angry emails, so I took it down. Actually no, it's still up, just hidden. Email me if you still want to read it, and I'll point you there. I've also posted (also hidden) some of the hate mail I received about this literary gem.

"Jenny" Stories

(Don't know who Jenny and Ashley are? Visit "BikersPlaceTwo" in my links below.)

"Jenny and the Obstacle Course"
Our heroine participates in a race with secret rival Ashley as her coach.

"Jenny at the Science Museum"
Ashley learns that science can be fun, and Jenny learns that it can be horribly embarrassing.

"Jenny Gets Sprayed"
Jenny lets herself get talked into a squirt-gun fight with the Scouts at the park. What was she thinking??

"Poker-Face Jenny"
The Scouts talk Jenny into a friendly game of poker. Heh. You can probably guess the rest.

"Rollercoaster Jenny"
Jenny rides the big rollercoaster at the amusement park and is tormented by a clown.


Todd and Amanda's Strip Chess Dares
These are true accounts of a few games of strip chess I played with my last girlfriend, Amanda. (We've since broken up, but since they don't give last names and have already been posted to another group, she shouldn't be too upset if I post them here. I hope.)

The Thursday Fire Alarm
A ToddCheese retelling of a college story my friend Amy shared with me (my words, based on her experience). I'm assuming it's true though of course I can't prove it.

Stories by Other Authors

Got a story you'd like me to host? Just send it to me, and if it's on-topic and well-written, I'll include it here.

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Unless specifically stated otherwise, the characters and events depicted in these stories are solely the fictional creations of the author. Any resemblance to actual persons, names, or events is entirely coincidental.

And just for the record, I wholeheartedly condemn the mistreatment of women. These stories are purely for fun and no disrespect is intended. (That's why they're called fantasies, because you'd never actually go through with them in real life.)

All stories Copyright © ToddCheese, unless stated otherwise. Constructive feedback, fan artwork, etc. is always welcome.


The Adventures of Miss Jones
One classy lady, prone to clothing mishaps. A pay site, but worth it. She's even used a few of my story ideas.

Alec Leamus' Magic Box
The triumphant return of Alec's age-regression humiliation site!

The ASN Story Board
Pages upon pages of stripping-related stories.

Babysitting Without a Net
An independent film by Narrow-Minded Productions, based on the "Ann the Helpless Babysitter" stories. Read my review here.

Biker's very affordable paysite, with fabulous artwork of damsels in distress, and loads of Jenny stories.

Blue Takes
ENF photo-stories, including several reinterpretations of the classic "dress snagged on stage curtain" scene from the "Beginner's Luck" Little Rascals short. Another paysite, but quite inexpensive, and with very on-topic material.

Cartoon Joe's Naughty Cartoons page.
Follows the comic-strip (pun intended) adventures of Miss Jessica Truth, a buxom and easily-embarrassed schoolteacher, sort of an African-American Ann Berrybush.

Dragonfire Productions
DFP has produced several ENF-themed videos, and they even do custom work.

ENF Forum at OneClickChicks
(ENF = Embarrassed Nude Females.)

Indian Outlaw's Stripping Naked Discussion Board.

Lost Bets
Another paysite, features pics and vids of girls losing bets and doing strip-related dares.

Plasmid's page at Renderosity
Not exclusively ENF, but this guy creates a lot of ENF-themed artwork and comic-style stories.

They usually have some embarrassing pics of women on display.

A site selling short (15-minute) videos of cute girls' clothes being pulled off, embarrassed looks, pies in the face (and elsewhere), etc.

Teen Girl Pantsing / Stripping Pranks & Games
Another discussion board catering to our favorite topic.

The Writings of Leviticus.
Tons of stories.

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